God Hates Robots is an experimental art gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah

Our Mission

Seek exposure for
emerging artists
and new bodies of

Early work is exciting, passionate and raw. It's the seed from which great art emerges. We strive to foster artists and work in this phase, helping provide audience and feedback to nourish the artistic process.

Promote artist
and financial

Being a working artist shouldn't be the punchline to a joke. Artistic expression is an important cultural barometer. Valuing and rewarding that expression is equally important. We believe in helping artists find financial worth in their efforts.

Encourage art
from first-time

Owning and collecting original art cultivates a deeper appreciation for artistry and all that it can inspire. Our structure and message encourages browsers to become buyers and buyers to become collectors. Buy art!

This Mission is enforced by

House Rules


Locals only

We're Utahns. We've watched Utah's counterculture support and encourage creativity, not only in visual arts, but also music, dance and ideology. Keeping our gallery close to these roots is an effort to foster community and encourage local success.


Nothing over $400

An accessible price point encourages purchases by peers, first-time buyers and the 99%-ers. It's also a constraint that challenges artists to create new and experimental work. The price cap values artistic effort and motivates sales.


80% to artists

Established galleries take upward of 50% from sales to bankroll their sales efforts. We're not salesmen. We're an experiment that facilitates the commerce of art. Our commission reflects that role and rewards the producer.

Come see us and buy art.