About Us

God Hates Robots became reality in 2015 after countless thoughts, efforts, hopes and plans had either fallen through or were pushed back for other priorities. Our world is temporary and this effort to create something positive, inherently local and somewhat left-field is now very important.

God Hates Robots is an effort to promote art and sell artwork. This effort is not unique to the concept of a gallery. Our approach, however, differentiates us from our peers.

God Hates Robots seeks exposure for new artists and new bodies of work. 

It’s challenging for new artists to gain exposure in Salt Lake’s gallery landscape. Because most galleries rely on the sale of work for their for-profit ventures, they’re highly selective of what work to select for shows. This same concept limits the ability of established artists to show new bodies of work. Unless a track record exists for sales, both segments are overlooked. 

We hope to provide an avenue that for new artists and new bodies of work to be seen and sold. 

God Hates Robots promotes artist profitability.

Artistic expression should be valued and rewarded. We support this in our gallery by providing artists with 80% of the sale price of work. We also help artist manage and track their creations with our Artist Inventory Management (AIM) system. If all goes well, we will expand our art sales opportunities while keeping artists in control of their exposure and valued for their efforts. 

God Hates Robots encourages the public to purchase art.

Purchasing art can be a daunting experience. Art can be expensive. Art galleries can be intimidating. Artists can be challenging to reach. 

God Hates Robots hopes to address all of these issues by providing a casual environment, accessible price-points and exciting work. 


Contact Us

General inquiries can be directed to:

Shon Taylor


Submission policy to come.  

Come see us and buy art.