Exhibition Submission

God Hates Robots is accepting submissions for shows in 2019. Submissions will be accepted from September 18 through October 19, 2018. 

Before continuing any further, please keep in mind our gallery rules: 

  • Utah artists only
  • Nothing can be sold for more than $400
  • Artists keep 80% of sales

God Hates Robots seeks to exhibit diverse and engaging shows featuring emerging artists and experimental work. We want to exhibit work that may not otherwise have a place in a commercial gallery landscape. Work in our gallery should have been created within a year of showing or, preferably, created specifically for the exhibit at our gallery. Submissions are accepted for both individual shows or curated exhibits of other artists. Work of all mediums and genres will be considered. 

Special consideration will be given to MFA candidates for late spring / early summer shows. If this applies to you, please be sure to mention it in the Exhibit Information field. 

Our gallery has two primary walls, totaling 34’ of usable wall space that is 13’ wide by 18’ long with 10’ ceilings and concrete floors. Artists are encouraged to visit the space during regular business hours to determine if it meets expectations before submittting. 


God Hates Robots provides: 

  • Gallery space for the exhibition
  • Assistance installing the exhibition
  • Labeling of work in the exhibition
  • Insurance for artwork while in our possession
  • Promotion of the exhibition via social media
  • An opening reception for all events
  • Employees to handle sales during the opening reception and during regular business hours


God Hates Robots does not provide:

  • Gallery representation beyond the duration of your exhibition
  • Advance payments toward the creation of artwork


Submissions will be reviewed by jury. Selections will be made for month-long exhibitions at God Hates Robots in 2019. All submitters will receive a response by November 2, 2018. 


With all of that out of the way… Tell us about you: 

Tell us about your proposed exhibit, explaining the theme or concept of the show, types of work to be shown and number of works you anticipate showing. If you’re proposing a curated exhibit, please list artists you would consider for inclusion:

Is there a place online that we can take a look at your current work or work that you’re proposing?

How much lead time would you need to prepare for your exhibit?

Where did you hear about God Hates Robots?

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